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Super 35 9.24 MP CMOS Sensor

The 6U9MRXSAAC is a Super 35 4K capable CMOS sensor with 4112 x 2248 effective pixels. The Super 35 sensor format allows for wider variety and more compact lensing options as opposed to larger full frame sensors while maintaining big pixel sizes creating a nice balance of resolution, sensitivity, and system size. A square pixel arrangement of 6.4μm x 6.4μm is available in an RGB color filter array configuration. This sensor also supports features such as single ROI windowing and faster frame rates when reducing resolution, with low 2.7 electron dark random noise.

This CMOS Sensor is currently under development and are not available for sale. Specifications may change and no assurances can be given that they will be made available for sale or use.

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Canon 6U9MRXSAAC Super 35 CMOS Sensor Offers Possibilities for Diverse Applications

Uncover application possibilities for the Canon 6U9MRXSAA Super 35 CMOS sensor, such as:

  • 3D Scanning
  • 4K Content
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Cinematography
  • Drones
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Surveillance

Technical Specifications

Resolution 9.24 megapixels
Effective Pixels 4112h x 2248v
Sensor Size 29.32mm x 14.38mm
Pixel Size 6.4µm x 6.4µm
Frame Rate 60 fps (all pixels)
Shutter Type Rolling
Dark Random Noise 2.7 e rms (TBD)
Sensitivity (RGB) 72,000 e/lx/sec (TBD)
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