Full Size 19MP Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

LI5030SA is a CMOS type of solid-state image sensor with a 35mm full frame effective pixel array of 19 Megapixels. It uses a global shutter function instead of conventional rolling shutter. It enables simultaneous exposure timing for all 19 Mega pixels. It can output an effective 5688 x 3334 pixels of video at 57.99 fps and 12bit via 24 channels of digital signal output. LI5030SA series consists of LI5030SAC (color), LI5030SAI (RGBIR), LI5030SAM (monochrome) and LI5030SAN (Naked). LI5030SAN does not have a micro lens or color filter.

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Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter

High sensitivity + High resolution
+ Global shutter

LI5030 has high sensitivity due to it’s large 6.4um pixel size and high resolution at 19 Megapixels. High sensitivity + High resolution + Global shutter enables high definition picture capture of high speed objects.

Canon LI5030 CMOS Sensor Creates New Possibilities in a Number of Industries

The high sensitivity, resolution, and global shutter of this sensor along with multiple color filter variations makes the LI5030 a great choice for a wide array of applications such as microscopes, factory automation, traffic surveillance, drone vision etc. LI5030SAN doesn’t have micro lens and color filter and its lid grass can be removal. This version is especially for science, medical, research lab applications. It is appropriate for application to attach fibers to sensor directory like Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) etc.


Technical Specifications

Filter Type Color RGBIR Monochrome Naked
Recording screen size: Full frame 35mm equivalent (42.12 mm x 32.64 mm)
Number of effective pixels: 5688 x 3334 (Horizontal x Vertical)
Pixel size: 6.4 μm x 6.4 μm
Output format: LVDS output, 720Mbps@12bit
Main clock frequency: 60 MHz (recommended)
Analog gain: 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB
Saturation (Typ.): 20,000e (Typ.)
Sensitivity (Typ.): (Green) 81,000 e/lx/sec (Green) 80,000 e/lx/sec 170,000 e/lx/sec 30,000 e/lx/sec
Dark random noise (Typ.): 1.8 erms @Analog gain 18dB
Dark current (Typ.): 28 e/sec @Analog gain 18dB, 60°C
Power consumption (Typ.): 2400 mW @57.99 fps full area

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