Higher Speed & Efficiencies with Pixel-Level
Canon CMOS Sensor Technology

Facing growing consumer demand and mounting pressure to reduce operating costs, flat panel display manufacturers need to continually find new sources of speed and efficiency in production. The flat panel display inspection process often proves to be a bottleneck, limited by vision system resolution and speed. Even small productivity improvements can yield major gains for manufacturers. Canon’s new line of industrial CMOS sensors deliver so much more!

Featuring pixel-level innovations to achieve unprecedented resolutions, frame rates, power consumption and sensitivity, Canon CMOS sensors offer best-in-class performance when detecting minute defects during the high-value flat panel display inspection process.

For the inspection of pure glass displays, backlights, and color filters, as well as the detection of nonuniform brightness, pixel defects, dead columns, luminance mura and more, Canon CMOS sensors offer the enhanced capabilities needed to maximize machine vision image capture.

Find out how leading-edge Canon CMOS sensor technology offers the capabilities to take your flat panel display inspection system to new heights, delivering on speed and efficiencies that increase productivity and reduce your overall costs and time to market.

Discover new possibilities with Canon CMOS sensors.

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