The Highest Quality Automotive Imaging
Improves Automation

The automotive industry is highly competitive. In constant pursuit of ways to increase productivity and enhance efficiencies that lower costs and get them to market quickly, manufacturers in the automotive industry need 100% inspection of parts and assemblies at ever-increasing speeds with perfect accuracy. Machine vision system integrators, end users and manufacturers of cameras and image capture devices have an opportunity to achieve new levels of performance for machine vision applications leveraging Canon’s new line of CMOS sensors.

Explore new possibilities with high performance CMOS sensors.

Featuring ultra-high pixel counts, large pixel sizes, compact designs, and global shutters, Canon’s new line of CMOS sensors for industrial applications offer opportunities for your innovations.

Qualification or certification may be required to use Canon CMOS Sensors in automotive industry applications.

The Highest Quality Automotive Imaging Improves Automation and Autonomy
ADAS market to be worth $67.43 billion by 2025

The global automotive market is projected to experience stable growth in the near future, with a 1.3% increase in sales of light vehicles1. Automation technology will become increasingly important as automotive manufacturers face rising raw material costs and greater competition, presenting a wealth of opportunities for innovative vision systems to deliver much needed productivity and efficiency.

  1. Moody’s Investors Service, “Automotive Manufacturing – Global, Modest Growth in Light Vehicle Sales to Continue into 2019 Amid Threat of US Tariffs”

The global growth of the automotive industry offers OEMs
opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Vision systems will be instrumental in designing more efficient production. Canon CMOS sensors offer the high performance required to compete in the fiercely competitive automotive industry marketplace.

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