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Canon CMOS sensors offer ultra-high image resolutions and sensitivity for integrators and end users to develop a wide range of challenging scientific applications. Where high performance is required in a small format, Canon’s CMOS sensors offer options with an RGB-NIR color filter array allowing simultaneous imaging in the visible and NIR spectrum, and innovative pixel-level technologies that can enhance sensitivity to can facilitate better imaging for challenging image capture applications. High sensitivity, deep well sensors allow for enhanced detection in the NIR spectrum as well as support other scientific imaging systems such as CMOS based X-Ray detectors. Uncover the finest details and expand scientific research capabilities with unique pixel-level innovations from Canon.

Discover The Science Behind Canon CMOS Sensors

Delivering on image quality and pixel performance, Canon CMOS sensors offer fast frame rates to capture cellular detail with great magnifications in an array of scientific applications. Maximum light capture and highly sensitive pixels enable high performance in fluorescence microscopy, featuring industrial vision capabilities to help end users combat unique scientific research challenges when developing their applications. Canon’s large 19µm pixel size minimizes noise and dark current to enable low-light image capabilities.

Life Sciences and Laboratory Equipment Market to Exceed $55 Billion by 2023
The life sciences and laboratory equipment market is projected to exceed $55 billion by 2023 (Meticulous Research) The market is anticipated to grow at a 7.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2023. Principal driving factors for the expected growth rate include increasing investments and funding for life sciences research, expansion in application areas, increased clinical capabilities, government initiatives, and growing academic-industry collaborations with spectroscopy technology-based equipment dominating the sector.

Facilitating Scientific Discovery With Enhanced Performance

Canon’s commitment to advances in CMOS sensor technology has resulted in industry-leading capabilities that afford manufacturers of scientific imaging equipment and researchers alike the opportunity to make new discoveries that push the limits of what’s possible.

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