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Document scanning and archiving relies on high quality imaging for accuracy, efficiency and the achievement of FADGI and METAMORFOZE standards. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, microfilm or microfiche scanning, historical document scanning, and scanning large format documents all demand ultra-high resolution scanning to produce the clarity needed for finely detailed documents.

Explore new possibilities with high resolution CMOS sensors for document scanning.

Canon CMOS sensors feature a number of design innovations – down to the pixel level. These unique sensor designs offer unparalleled image resolution in a compact format for superior spatial frequency response. No matter the type or volume of documents to be scanned, CMOS sensors from Canon deliver the high image quality needed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of document scanners for inspection and archiving.

See More Document Details with Canon CMOS Sensors
Enterprise content management market size to reach $93.76 billion by 2025
The market for enterprise content management services is expected to reach a value of $93.76 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6%, according to research from Grand View Research1. This rapid growth highlights the current market potential of document scanning and archiving services – a subset of enterprise content management services. The need for specialized document scanning services is growing in an increasingly digital economy.

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The growth of document scanning and archiving represents major opportunities for OEMs.

Whether it’s a business streamlining processes through the digitization of paper documents, the archiving of rare historical texts, or the inspection of currencies and documents, Canon CMOS sensors offer industry leading performance to help OEMs capitalize on this emerging market.

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