Precision Coverage With Canon Quality

Increased awareness and threat detection are critical objectives for law enforcement, defense, corporate security and homeland security. With growing investments in surveillance infrastructure, there is an increased need for high performance imaging systems that provide outstanding image clarity at fast speeds in a compact design. Canon CMOS Sensors feature advanced technology at the pixel level that can broadening image capture capabilities for integrators and end users developing high-end security and surveillance solutions, opening up new possibilities for imaging system design. These innovations include ultra-high resolution for capturing great detail over a wide area, and ultra-high sensitivity for clearly identifying targets in environments with little available light.

Advanced Surveillance Possibilities

Canon’s CMOS sensors offer precision imaging capabilities for fast, detailed image capture in challenging environments. Featuring frame rates, sensitivity, ultra-high resolutions and low power consumption in a compact design, Canon’s CMOS sensors offer opportunities to OEMs, system integrators and end-users to develop imaging equipment that can deliver advance surveillance capabilities.

High-End Security and Surveillance
Surveillance Market to Reach $55 billion by 2024
The global surveillance market size is projected to reach $55 billion by 2024 (MarketWatch), with an expected 11.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years. The key driving force for the revenue growth refers to the video surveillance market including the hardware segment, software and service segment for the commercial and Public & Government Infrastructure.

Advanced Security and Surveillance Possibilities With Canon CMOS Sensors

Canon’s innovative CMOS senor technologies at the pixel-level push the boundaries of what’s possible for the challenging environments of high-end security and surveillance applications. See what you can achieve for your imaging systems with Canon CMOS sensors.

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