Canon CMOS Sensors Push the Boundaries of What’s Possible in Industrial Vision

Innovation has been at the heart of Canon’s success since the start. One of the largest patent holders in the U.S., Canon has developed highly unique CMOS sensors over the past decade. Each CMOS sensor from Canon features proprietary innovations at the pixel-level that translate into industry-leading performance in advanced industrial, medical and scientific applications.

Canon has been manufacturing CMOS sensors since 2000 for exclusive use in Canon products. Building on that expertise and success, Canon is now committed to continually redefining what’s possible with new CMOS sensor products for use in industrial vision. If you’re in the design phase of your project, Canon sensors will be ready and available when you need them.

Innovation is within your reach. High performance CMOS sensors from Canon are readily available to transform your imaging products.

CMOS Sensors

Canon CMOS Sensors

CategoryProductImage SizeResolution
Pixel Size
Color Filter TypeMax Frame
Rate (fps)
Unique Sales PointApplication (example)
Ultra High ResolutionLI8020SAAPS-H2501.5Mono/RGB5Ultra High ResolutionInspection,
Biomedical Imaging
LI8010SA (120MXS)APS-H1202.2Mono/RGB/RGB-IR9.4Ultra High Resolution
Ultra High SensitivityLI3030SAFull Frame2.719Mono/RGB/RGB-IR98Ultra High Sensitivity
NIR enhanced
Ultra Advanced Surveillance,
Space Science,
Biomedical Imaging
35MMFHDXSFull Frame2.719Mono/RGB98Ultra High Sensitivity
Global ShutterLI5030SAFull Frame196.4Mono/RGB/RGB-IR/Naked58High Resolution/High Speed
RGB-IR, Naked version
Traffic Surveillance & Mapping
LI5040SA2/3"5.33.4Mono/RGB/RGB-IR120NIR enhanced
RGB-IR version
Rolling ShutterLI7080SASuper 35mm10.86.4RGB1204K2K 120p
High Sensitivity
Traffic Surveillance
LI7030SA1"123.2RGB604K2K movie & 12M still
High Dynamic Range
Streaming Camera
LI7050SA1/1.8"2.14.1RGB60Low Light Imaging
High Dynamic Range
High end Surveillance
LI7060SA1/2.3"2.83.2RGB60High Dynamic RangeIndustrial