Take Your Industrial Camera Products to the Next Level

Canon CMOS sensors put innovation within reach, enabling industrial camera OEMs to take on the tough application challenges of end users and realize their cutting-edge products. The growing need for higher resolutions, improved sensitivity, and faster speeds, all at a lower cost, challenge OEMs to develop innovative industrial camera products that keep them competitive.

Increase your competitiveness and expand your possibilities in a growing marketplace with the pixel-level innovations of Canon CMOS sensors.

The high performance of Canon CMOS sensors features technological advances in pixel counts, pixel sizes, frame rates, and power consumption, all in a compact design. Leveraging Canon CMOS sensors in your industrial camera products opens up capabilities for wholly unique and powerful image capture solutions.

Take Your Industrial Camera Products to the Next Level
$18.24 billion machine vision market value by 2025

The global machine vision market is projected to reach a market value of $18.24 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% (Grandview Research). The industry is experiencing quick growth as these systems are able to capture or process large amounts of data very quickly, penetrating more markets and offering more efficiencies. OEMs with innovative camera offerings have the opportunity to break into new markets, disrupt existing ones, and open up entirely new capabilities in vision capture. Canon’s industrial CMOS sensor technology empowers innovation by expanding what’s possible.

Exponential Market Growth is Expected

Market expansion across sectors is expected over the next few years – particularly within machine vision where so much opportunity exists for industrial camera OEMs. Explore Canon CMOS sensor technology for your industrial camera products. Open up your possibilities. Maximize your disruptive potential.

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