High Speed Image Capture in 5 Megapixel Resolution

With an electronic global shutter and all pixel progressive reading at 120 fps, the Canon 3U5MGXS 5MP CMOS sensor offers fast image capture with sharp image quality. In a 2/3″ format, proprietary pixel designs with low power consumption and enhanced sensitivity further improve image quality. The 3U5MGXS CMOS sensor is an innovative solution where high performance is required in a small format.

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New Pixel Design and Drive Technology

New Pixel Design and Drive Technology

The pixels of the Canon 3U5MGXS CMOS sensor include a gathering structure which enables photons entering from wide incident angles to be re-directed into the photodiode which otherwise would be lost. The result is a CMOS image sensor with higher sensitivity, capable of capturing high quality images even in challenging low-light situations.

The Canon 3U5MGXS Opens Up New Possibilities in a Number of Industrial Applications

For automotive, broadcasting, camera OEMs, electronics, flat panel display, food, intelligent transportation systems, manufacturing, medical, military, pharmaceutical, life sciences and print industries, the 3U5MGXS is ideal for:

  • 3D scanners for prototyping and quality assurance
  • 3D scanning for prototyping and quality assurance
  • 720 – 60fps cameras
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Analysis of color prints
  • Automated food production
  • Automotive metrology
  • Automotive parts inspection
  • Biometrics
  • Dental imaging
  • Detailed feature extraction for smart cameras
  • Dome cameras with electronic pan, tile, and zoom
  • Electronics part inspection
  • Embedded vision (when used with flat ribbon flex cable)
  • Flat panel inspection
  • Fruit, vegetable and pastry inspection
  • High end surveillance and security
  • High resolution network cameras
  • High speed video broadcasting
  • Hybrid video cameras with high resolution stills
  • License plate capture
  • Manufacturing parts inspection
  • Medical imaging
  • Metrology
  • Microscopy
  • Ophthalmology
  • PCB inspection
  • Pharmaceutical and life science microscopy
  • Red light camera
  • Robotic vision
  • UAVs
  • Wide FOV cameras

Technical Specifications

Resolution 5 megapixels
Effective Pixels 2592 x 2056 (Horizontal xVertical)
Sensor Size 2/3 inch
Pixel Size 3.4µm x 3.4µm
Frame Rate 120fps
Shutter Type Global
Dark Random Noise 2.6 e rms @ Analog gain x1
Sensitivity (RGB) 30,000e/lx/sec @analog gain x1
Sensitivity (mono) 47,000 e/lx/sec @ Analog gain x1
Dynamic Range 68.6 dB (TBD)
Saturation 7,000e @Analog gain x1
Power Consumption (Typ) 500mW (all pixels @ 60 fps)

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