Ultra-High Resolutions & Low Light Sensitivity for Greater Visibility at All Times with Canon CMOS Sensors

As the challenges of national security continue to grow, tactical infrastructure such as fencing, roads, and lighting is proving to be increasingly inadequate in enforcing immigration laws and protecting borders. As spending rises, innovative new products are needed to help border patrol agents cover more ground and effectively identify illegal border crossings. Canon CMOS sensors deliver unique performance capabilities to see more than ever before.

Facilitating greater sight distances, wider field of views, and advanced low-light capabilities, CMOS sensors from Canon offer options for ultra-high resolution and sensitivity, as well as RGB-NIR capabilities, for expanded possibilities in border security.

From integrated fixed tower (IFT) systems to ground and aerial systems for surveillance, find out how the pixel-level innovations of Canon sensors translates to innovative border security solutions.

Discover new possibilities with Canon CMOS sensors.

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