Ultra-High Sensitivity in Low Light

The Canon 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors use new pixel and readout circuitry technologies delivering ultra-high sensitivity with a 2.76 megapixel resolution. The enormous 19µm pixels, which minimize noise and dark current and allow control over readout position and frame rate, make the 35MMFHDXS_A sensors unique in capabilities among all other CMOS sensors for low light imaging. These CMOS sensors are available in monochrome (35MMFHDXSMA) and color (35MMFHDXSCA).

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Large Pixel Sizes With Minimal Noise

By using a progressively increasing electric field profile to efficiently transfer electrons off the large photodiode, Canon’s 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors can effectively leverage 19µm pixels while minimizing noise. Further, proprietary designs are leveraged to minimize dark current over long exposure times. These features, combined with a full area scan frame rate of 98fps at a resolution of 2160 x 1280, enable excellent imaging in applications requiring highly sensitive capture in low light.

Canon 19µm CMOS Sensor Creates New Possibilities in a Number of Industries

For defense, astronomy, scientific, life sciences, medical, industrial R & D, and high-end security and surveillance, the 35MMFHDSXS_A sensors are ideal for:

  • Night Vision
  • Surveillance
  • “Big Science” telescopy
  • Neuroscience
  • Fluorescence imaging/microscopy
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Microscopy
  • Machine vision
  • Surveillance and security

Technical Specifications

Filter Type RGB Monochrome
Sensitivity (e/lx/sec @gain x1) 1,100,000 (green) 2,100,000
Resolution 2.76 megapixels
Effective Pixels 2160 x 1280 (Horizontal x Vertical)
Sensor Size 41.04mm x 24.32mm (Full Frame)
Pixel Size 19µm x 19µm
Maximum Frame Rate (All Pixels) 98 fps
Shutter Type Rolling
Dark Random Noise 2.2e rms @ gain x16
Socket IS236D-00672-180-75M-R27-L14 (thru-hole socket)
IS236D-00672-180-384M-R27-L14 (flat foot surface mount socket)
IS236D-00672-180-RB338K-R27-L14 (Rollerball® surface mount socket)
IS236D-00672-180-75M-R27-L14-HS1 (thru-hole Heatsink Socket™)Andon Socket Specifications

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35MMFHDXS_A Evaluation Kit

The Canon 35MMFHDXS_A Evaluation Kit allows integrators and end users to assess sensor performance and provides assets for image system designers to accelerate development time. The Evaluation Kit features a 35MMFHDXS_A 2.7MP CMOS sensor with raw data serial output via a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) interface. The evaluation kit has an open architecture design, and gives developers the option to embed processing and software with the on-board ARM and FPGA*.

The 35MMFHDXS_A Evaluation Kit includes:

  • Evaluation camera with pre-installed sensor (mono or RGB)
  • Accessory package for out-of-the-box operation (quick start guide, power supply, compact tripod, cables)
  • Embedded software to setup the sensor, acquire image data, and communicate over USB 3.1 interface with any USB 3 compliant UI
  • PC-based UI application available for download to communicate with the camera
  • Sensor board design files source code*
  • VHDL code for the FPGA*

*Source code and VHDL code only available upon request with an NDA

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